The Canines of
Ketchi-kids Farm
Four of our five dogs are working animals with important jobs to do, the fifth is simply a pet with "issues". ;0)

Ella, our English Shepherd, is our all-around companion and farm hand.  Her job is to help with the livestock, eradicate
rodents (which she is quite good at!), protect our property, and keep us company.
Ella will soon be joined my a male English Shepherd pup from Wisconsin.  Flynn is a tri-color with some solid
old-school ES bloodlines and we are excited to have him.

In the last year we have acquired two Spanish Mastiffs.  They are both puppies yet, but we are very excited about
them as they both show great potential.  Dreyfus came to us from Fall Creek Farm in WI and is the most laid back
dog I have ever known. He is from a working farm and is very good and trustworthy with the goats.
Almira, our female, comes to us from Stephen and Edna Moreno in Colorado.  She is a much different personality than
Dreyfus.  Almira is much "busier" and bossier! ;0)  Since she is from a non-working home she is still learning to be a
dog (she is convinced that she is a person!), but is catching on very quickly and already lives with the goats full time.  
Both pups are very smart and will make fantastic LGD's. We are quite pleased with these additions to our family.

Ranger is a PB Pembroke Welsh Corgi who belongs to Maria.  He is terrified of the livestock (funny, as the breed was
developed to help work with cows and other livestock).  His purpose in life is to simply be a pet and make sure that he
barks at anything coming near the house ... even us!  He can be rather annoying sometimes, but we love him anyway.
4 Legged
2 Legged
"Dogskin" rug?!?!
Ranger is a PB Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was
given to us by a friend.  He is Maria's pet and
exists mainly to eat, sleep, and ... you know.
Disclaimer:  This is Michaela with Ranger
and not Maria.
Ella comes to us from
Thomas' English Shepherds
in Antelope, OR.
Thanks Sandi!
These 2 pics are of Ella at 3.5
Thomas' Old Time Shepherds Ella
UKC & ESC Registered
English Shepherd
DOB: 04/07/2010
Ella, Mira, & Drey.  December 2011.  Drey is just
4 months old in this picture and Mira is just two
months old.  Ella is almost 2 years old.
Fall Creek Dreyfus PF Dividend (Drey) is a Spanish
Mastiff registered with FCPR and UKC.  He comes
to us courtesy of
Fall Creek Farm in Wisconsin,
Thanks Lois!
How can anyone possibly resist such a face?!
Can you find the dog? Drey loves his goats!
This shot was captured from our barn-cam.
Pogue's Flynn Ryder
UKC & ESC Registration Pending
English Shepherd
DOB: 01/28/2012
A dog and her pig. ;0)
Flynn comes to us from
Pogue's English Shepherds
in Clear Lake, WI.
Thanks Valerie!
Almira de Moreno (Mira) is a Spanish Mastiff
registered with FCPR and UKC(pending).  She comes
to us courtesy of
Stephen & Edna Moreno in
Colorado. Thanks to Stephen & Edna who have been
VERY helpful.  Edna risked life and limb to get Mira to
the airport on a snowy December morning.
Drey (9 months) & Mira (7 months)